Horizon 2020 Energy, with a budget of around €6bn over the next 7 years, is the EU’s Research and Innovation funding Programme.

2018-20 Work Programme now available

The first of the 2018-20 Calls for Proposals from Horizon 2020 Energy were published on 27th October 2017. The Call topics are set out in the 2018-2020 Work Programme. A list of the Call topics and budgets can be found here.

Please contact the EU Energy Focus team with your queries on Horizon 2020 Energy.

The Calls for Proposals represent an opportunity for UK organisations to participate in innovative projects and to develop collaborations for joint working and knowledge-sharing across the European Union.

UK organisations can participate in a number of ways;

A flow chart showing the Horizon 2020 application process can be downloaded from here.

Partners: Proposals must usually involve a minimum of three organisations from three different Member States or Associated Countries. Many funded projects involve organisations from all aspects of the supply chain in order to demonstrate a route to commercialisation.

Project types: As well as technology innovation, the Horizon 2020 Energy Calls for Proposals offer funding for activities related to the market uptake of energy technologies e.g. for public authorities to develop, finance and implement ambitious sustainable energy policies and plans.

The Programme: Horizon 2020 is the European Commission’s research and innovation funding programme. It is open to everyone, with a simpler structure than previous programmes, reducing red tape and decision timescales so that participants can focus on what is really important. This approach helps new projects to get off the ground quickly and achieve results faster. The Commission is keen to increase participation from industry in a drive to maximise the impact of the funded projects. Horizon 2020 offers UK businesses and researchers valuable opportunities to find finance, networks and partnerships for innovation.

Support available for UK organisations: The EU Energy Focus team, the UK National Contact Point for Horizon 2020 Energy, provided support to a number of the successful proposals to the first Calls, analysis and examples can be found here, and is keen to support UK organisations to achieve success in the 2018 Calls.

User feedback: A recent user of the proposal review service said “Thanks for all your help and assistance with our H2020 application. We found the service really useful and we feel fortunate to have had your guidance”.

We provide a free and confidential service to UK organisations on European funding for energy projects. We can help to facilitate UK involvement in these major European collaborative projects. We are available to discuss proposal ideas and review proposals and are applying the learning from the Horizon 2020 Energy Calls for Proposals to date to inform the development of proposals for the 2018 Calls. Please contact us if you are interested in the Horizon 2020 Energy Programme. We can be contacted by telephone on 0845 6000 430 and by email at [email protected]