European developments

KIC InnoEnergy Call for Proposals open

KIC InnoEnergy, the European company for innovation, business creation and education in sustainable energy, has launched a new Call for Innovation Proposals aimed to boosting the effectiveness and speed of the go-to-market process of green innovations in Europe. KIC InnoEnergy supports research institutions, companies and universities with the last stage of the go-to-market process for innovative sustainable energy products and services, helping them to create public-private consortia that have the ability to take high-potential ideas to the market faster and more effectively, and offers significant financing schemes. The deadline for proposal submission is 23rd October 2017. Details of the Call for Proposals can be found here.

European Technology & Innovation Platform (ETIP) for Smart Networks seeks feedback on Implementation Plan

The ETIP Smart Networks for Energy Transition’s (SNET) role is to guide Research, Development & Innovation (RD&I) to support Europe’s energy transition. The ETIP SNET Implementation Plan 2017-20 aims at listing the short-term priorities for research and innovation (R&I) in relation with Smart Networks for the Energy Transition. The Implementation Plan is based upon the ETIP-SNET R&I roadmap 2017-2026 (published in January 2017) which specifies the long-term R&I targets for the evolution of the European energy system. The consultation encourages feedback from all stakeholders involved in the transition of the energy system in Europe, so as to ensure that forthcoming RD&I priorities are funded according to the sectors needs in the coming years. The consultation is open until 10th August 2017 and can be accessed here.

MaRINET2 awards €1.3M to develop the next-generation of offshore renewables

The MaRINET2 project has awarded €1.3M to 34 technology development teams through a competitive Call for Proposals. This support will accelerate the next generation of offshore renewable energy technologies towards the marketplace by providing technology testing at MaRINET2’s network of world-leading testing facilities.

Coordinated by MaREI (Marine and Renewable Energy Ireland) in University College Cork, MaRINET2 is a €10.5M project, funded by the Horizon 2020 programme. The project provides support to technology developers of offshore wind, wave and tidal) to test their devices in research facilities and in real sea conditions.

The awards were made after the first in a series of competitive Calls for Proposals for fully funded access to the 57 test infrastructures in the MaRINET2 network. The support will facilitate nearly 500 days of state-of-the-art testing at 20 facilities around Europe. More information can be found here.

FORESEA opens third Call for offshore renewable energy technologies

The FORESEA (Funding Ocean Renewable Energy through Strategic European Action) programme has opened its third Call for support package applications. Support packages will help commercialise offshore renewable energy technologies by giving free access to FORESEA’s network of test sites. The Call is open to technologies ready to deploy and complete testing before 2019. The Call is open until 29th September 2017. More information can be found here.

Eurostars Call now open

Eurostars supports international innovative projects led by research and development performing small and medium sized enterprises. With its bottom-up approach, the programme supports the development of rapidly marketable innovative products, processes and services that help improve the daily lives of people around the world. Eurostars is a joint programme between EUREKA and the European Commission, co-funded from the national budgets of 36 Eurostars Participating States and Partner Countries and by the European Union through Horizon 2020. The next cut-off date for applications is 14th September 2017. Details of the funding and the eligibility criteria can be found here and on the UK support here.

SHAPE ENERGY Call for Evidence

SHAPE ENERGY – Social sciences and Humanities for Advancing Policy in European Energy – is a new 2M€ European platform for energy-related social sciences and humanities (energy-SSH) research. Energy-SSH has played less of a role to date in shaping European energy policy than Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) disciplines and, as such, the SHAPE ENERGY platform aims to develop Europe’s expertise in using and applying energy-SSH. SHAPE ENERGY directly feeds into the work of the European Commission’s strategy unit with responsibility for energy research and innovation.

The two-year SHAPE ENERGY project began in February 2017 and is coordinated by Anglia Ruskin University in the UK. As part of its initial scoping work, it has launched a Call for Evidence aiming to identify current understandings and future priorities for energy research from a wide range of research, policy and practitioner communities across Europe. As such, this Call is not solely intended for energy-SSH researchers; the project team is keen to engage with energy-STEM and non-energy-SSH researchers – as well as those from policy, industry, NGOs and beyond – who may want to utilise energy-SSH research in the future.

This Call is intentionally designed to be easy to respond to (only four core questions taking approx. 5-10mins). Responses will be anonymised and made publicly available free-of-charge in summer 2017 from the project website. The Call for Evidence can be accessed from here.

Call for Expressions of Interest - Clean energy technology studies

The European Commission Joint Research Centre has launched a Call for Expressions of Interest for clean energy technology studies. The Call for Expressions of interest is divided into 3 fields:

As a first step, interested parties are invited to submit an expression of interest by providing their full contact details and by listing the specific fields of interest. More details can be found here.