Science & Technology: Innovation on the Horizon, London (UK) 16th September 2014

The conference is an opportunity for the UK science and energy community to come together to share learning and hear from the policy-makers shaping the funding regimes that finance their work. More information can be found here.

Innovative financing for energy efficiency and renewables: feedback from successful projects, Brussels (Belgium) 8th October 2014

This conference will focus on the detailed presentation of 8 successful projects across Europe, which are developing new ways to set up and finance investments in public buildings, street lighting and housing. Local and regional authorities will have the opportunity to learn how to concretely implement similar approaches in their own territories. More information can be found here.

The energy transition at local level: its economic impact and financing opportunities, Brussels (Belgium) 9th October 2014

The economic impact of the energy transition at local level needs to be highlighted so that more initiatives are implemented by local authorities and stakeholders. This will be the focus of the morning session of this event. The different opportunities available to secure the financial resources necessary for the energy transition of towns and cities will be presented in the afternoon session. More information can be found here.